About the institute

Research Institute for Animal Breeding, Nutrition and Meat Science (RIABNM) belongs to the National Agricultural Research and Innovation Center (NARIC) which was established in 2014.

RIABNM, or rather its legal predecessor, the Experimental Station of Animal Physiology and Nutrition, was established in 1896 in Budapest.. 

According to its deed of foundation, the scope of activities of the Institute included basic and applied research and development activity related to the genetics, breeding, reproduction, meat science, nutrition, feed utilization, physiology of nutrition, management and feeding technology of the so-called large farm animals (cattle, swine, sheep, horse). 

Its further duties comprise national and regional consulting and information services in animal breeding and nutrition as well as an active participation in the national breeding strategies. 

Research activity is conducted in departments specialized in genetics, cattle breeding, swine breeding, sheep and goat breeding, biology of reproduction, as well as departments for ruminant nutrition, swine nutrition, feed analysis and evaluation, physiology of nutrition, meat science, microbiology and feed preservation and biochemistry. 

An experimental farm and an abattoir are available for the execution of model and semi-field scale experiments. 

The Institute conducts many of its research and training programs in cooperation with several Hungarian, European and overseas research institutions. The scientific consulting days of the RIABNM arose widespread interest among experts and the Institute was visited by many scientists from abroad. 

Reputed researchers of RIABNM are involved in the graduate and post-graduate training at Universities. 

The Centre for porcine fattening performance test station of the Institute is dedicated to enabling an accurate examination of genetic basis provided by the Hungarian pig breeding sector. 

The Institute hosts the „George Berci” Surgical Training and Research Laboratory of Department of Surgical Research and Techniques, Semmelweis University, which is dedicated to multispecialty research, education and training focused on minimal invasive surgical techniques. 

It also hosts a new highly sophisticated Laboratory for Histological Research Station which was established of private investment in 2014. 

Editorial office and staff of Hungarian Journal of Animal Production, which is a scientific quarterly jounal of the Ministry of Rural Development, is situated in this Institute.

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